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Production Services

Slackline Co-Owner Austin Glass is an experienced Director of Photography (DP) and camera operator, with a specialty in MoVI (gimbal stabilizer) operating.

We take a cinematographic approach to our projects, which means our shooting style adapts to fit the mood of the scene. Every choice you make regarding the camera, lenses, and lighting will all contribute to the mood of a scene or a shot. By putting thought and effort into these things, we can be very intentional about the mood we set, and can further draw in our audiences.

As the size of the project increases, the need for a large pool of talent increases as well.  We have a large network of individuals to help fill the necessary roles for projects both large and small. We frequently work with some talented crew members, and know how to manage teams to maximize quality and productivity.

Ideas are common. Good ideas, however, can be hard to come by. We love conceptualizing projects and coming up with creative ideas and solutions.

When you’re ready to think outside the box, send us your RFPs and you won’t be disappointed.

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