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Rental Gear


Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Package contents may vary slightly.

Turn-key MoVI Packages

We are experts in everything MoVI, and have turn key MoVI builds available to your production. Don’t worry about sourcing all those little specialty pieces. We’ve done the legwork so you can just worry about the big picture stuff.

Each kit is purpose-built for your needs, but there is a sampling of what may be included:

  • MoVI M15
  • Exhauss Exoskeleton Gimbal Support System
  • Hocus Products Axis1
  • Paralinx Arrow-X
  • Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Mattebox
  • MoVI Controller
  • IDX E7s V-Lock Batteries
  • RED Scarlet Dragon
  • Specialty cables for power and camera control
  • SmallHD DP7; Ikan VH8
Email us for pricing and availability
MoVI M15

This is the state-of-the-art in the world of handheld gimbals. When your standards are high, the M15 in the hands of a skilled operator will not disappoint. When there is a lot that could go wrong, you do not cut corners.

The standard kit includes:

  • MoVI M15
  • MoVI Dock
  • Freefly rod-mount adapter and rods
  • Freefly 4s LiPo batteries (4x)
  • Freefly LiPo charger
  • JST -> D-Tap cable

Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Package contents may vary slightly.

RED Scarlet Dragon (Gimbal Kit)

There is the “perfect way” to build up a RED camera for being used on a gimbal, and this is it! This is a really simple and clean build that powers the camera and all its accessories from a single, compact V-Lock battery. Camera monitoring and control is provided via the included HYPERflex cable to the RED 5″ LCD, which is to be mounted to the gimbal crossbar.

This works excellently on any gimbal of comparable payload.

Included items:

  • RED Scarlet Dragon
  • RED 5″ Touch LCD
  • HYPERflex for RED LCD
  • Canon mount (alternate mounts available upon request)
  • Freefly side V-Lock mounting plate (w/ 2x D-Tap)
  • Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Mattebox
  • IDX E7s compact V-Lock batteries (4x)
  • IDX simultaneous quad charger
Ultimate MoVI Dual-Operator Kit

Camera control, refined. By using this kit with your MoVI, you will be capable of executing some of the most technically difficult shots your mind can think of. The MoVI Controller joystick gives you more precise framing than any other gimbal joystick short of a helicopter-mounted aerial gimbal. The molded carbon fiber body keeps the weight down, and the included accessories make sure you can connect to any MoVI you need to and be up and running in no time.

ALSO: The MoVI Controller is capable of acting as a Mimic controller, allowing you to control the MoVI framing by physically moving the Controller.

Kit includes:

  • MoVI Controller
  • SmallHD DP7 or Ikan VH8 (price variance applies)
  • Sunhood for monitor
  • Cables for powering various accessories
  • Shoulder strap
Exhauss Exoskeleton Gimbal Support System

Take a load off with the Exhauss Exoskeleton “G.” This is brand new gimbal support tech that is designed from the ground up to assist gimbal operators with transferring the weight of their rig from their arms, to their torso. The exoskeleton is capable of carrying up to 30 pounds, and can be put on and removed without the assistance of a second person.

Included items:

  • Exhauss Exoskeleton “G” Kit
  • Case
Axis1 by Hocus Products

The Axis1 is an excellent single-channel wireless follow focus system. Arguably the best wireless system in its price range, it has often been compared to the Prestons and the Bartechs of the world, and has held its own. Designed and built by some talented craftsmen in London, the Axis1 can take a beating and keep on focusing (please don’t beat up our gear to test that theory!).

Included items:

  • Axis1 complete kit
  • Run/stop sync cables for RED DSMC
  • LP-E6 batteries (3x) and charger
  • 6x marking discs
Paralinx Arrow Plus

Monitor your camera feed with an uncompressed HD signal with near-zero latency. The Arrow Plus provides you with up 300′ of wireless signal for your focus puller, client/directors monitor, video village, or whatever else.

Included items:

  • Arrow Plus Transmitter (HDMI)
  • Arrow Plus Receiver (HDMI)
  • Power cables (D-tap regulators, USB)
  • Arrow Shield (transmitter mount)
  • Paralinx Crossbow (SDI input for transmitter)
  • IR remote and cable
Email us for pricing and availability